Monday, September 25, 2023

Hungama Media Group

Hungama media group is an Online News Portal for Bollywood Bhojpuri World. Mr. SANJAY BHUSHAN. Editor Admin of Hungama Media Group. “Hungama Media” came into existence in the early spring of 2004. From the very beginning, 'Khabar Bhojpuri' has been dedicated to bring every news in the language of 'Bhojpuri' to every gathering. Our aim is to bring honor and respect to the Bhojpuri language, to make the problem of the Bhojpuriya region accessible to everyone, and to find a solution with enthusiasm. Akra Khatir should be made available on other digital platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter) along with the website. The aim of the Khabar Bhojpuri family is to promote the language through its neat and clean work. Together with Bhojpuria, I tried to become the voice of the public, while trying to convey the issues of public interest of Bhojpuri people in my own language. Eh Umaid Ke Sange Ki Hungama Media Group Team's efforts and Raua Sabhan's Pyaar Ek Din Zaroor Lai Aur Ego Bhojpuri Electronic Media Became a Strong Voice, Raua Sabhe Saath Aa Sneh Khatir Bani Be Grateful To Humani Ja…



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